Claims & Returns

We are sorry if you are experiencing problems with your Caldaro product. We want to take responsibility for our products but also find points of improvement in our products. Therefore, we welcome you to contact us with the following information to investigate and keep track of your claim.


  • Product Number (Caldaros & Yours)
  • Serial number
  • Description of fault – As detailed as possible. What function is failing? Can a photo of the fault be helpful to describe the fault?
  • Origin of the fault: Zero kilometer – in your own or external production? Claim from breakdown in the field?
  • Your own RMA/claim-number



  • We mail back a Caldaro RMA number. (This RMA number is used for traceability, in all handling and communication.)


  • Upon receiving our e-mail (Normally within 1-2 working days) you can send the claimed unit to us. Provided that the complaint is within warranty and handled accordingly with our general terms & conditions