Position Sensor

Contactless Sensors

Our contactless sensors are often integrated in joysticks, mini steering wheels and steering arms etc. Since the sensor has no mechanical contact between the sensing element and the rotating part it is very well suited for applications with tough demands regarding vibrations, shock, sealing and offers an operating life time of more than 50 million operations

There are two different technologies that are used in the contactless sensors, hall effect and inductive. These normally require a stabilized 5 VDC power supply. Mechanical and electrical interfaces can be tailored according to the requests as well as the output signals. The hall effect sensors can offer many combinations of analogue or serial signals for redundancy and also in combination with switch signals.

Key features for these sensors are high linearity, robust design and cost effective. The sizes range from 12 mm to 30 mm housing with different mounting options.  Very good EMC (100V/m) and ESD (+/-15kV and +/-8kV) -performance. Detecting sensing angles up to 360 deg.