The history of Caldaro started in the early eighties where we set the base for our customer relations and exclusive niche. We started on our home market in Sweden and further on we expanded in the other Nordic countries (Norway, Finland and Denmark). The next step geographically was to enter the United Kingdom by opening an office there and the same thing followed with the German market which we entered shortly after. 2012 we took the step over the Atlantic ocean to the USA and founded Caldaro Inc. today located in Hudson (WI) to support our growing customer base locally. Today we have customers in more than 40 countries and we are still expanding our business.

Our products were from the start rotating and linear sensors, at first mainly based on conductive potentiometer technology. Many of our customers were integrating these sensors in to handles, levers, pedals and such. And the natural demand from the market was to deliver one package – joystick or foot pedal in one unit with the needed sensors integrated in the mechanical design. At that time we became an important partner to our customers when they started to “electrify” their machines by removing the hydraulic pilot valves from the cabin and replacing them with the electronic joysticks and handles.

Over the years we have also expanded our product offering and services but still with a very strong focus on Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Machine Motion Feedback (MMF). We have also gathered loads and loads of valuable know-how on how to make the best solutions when it comes to ergonomics, design, quality, feel and cost within our niche. A journey that has rendered in a few granted patents and registered designs over the years.