Linear Sensor

Linear Sensors

Within these groups, you will find different technologies for sensors such as potentiometer, hall effect, inductive.

Our program of linear sensors consists of more than 15 base models, each of them with numerous adaptation possibilities. The majority of our sensors has a modular design and offer a very cost-effective way to meet special application requirements, not only when the quantity is several thousand but also for volumes of only 10pcs or so.

Our sensors are used in many different applications such as Maritime, Linear actuators etc. see the Applications section for more info. With these sensors, we meet the different requirements for IP-sealing, vibrations and shock that have to be fulfilled in harsh environments.

We always put quality in the first room, which also shows the precision and linearity performance of the sensors. You will find many options for stroke lengths, output signals, connectors, cables, mounting options, shaft designs etc.