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In 2019 Caldaro was one of the first joystick manufacturers to sign the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest and most widely embraced, voluntary, corporate sustainability initiative. Now we have just uploaded our first COP (Communication on Progress) report to the United Nations Global Compact website. This is our first report, and from now on…



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About the Corona Virus

Our thoughts are with all affected countries. We hope the virus is brought under control with minimum further loss of life. Due to the Corona Virus spread Caldaro has taken actions to prevent and mitigate supply chain interruption risks, however we do not believe that deliveries from Caldaro will be affected to any greater extent,…

Industrial Pedal Foot

P09 45 degrees pedal

When the customers have new needs, the engineers of Caldaro start developing. The P09 pedal was already a success. Manufacturers of heavy machines all over the world have already fallen in love with the well designed smooth pedal. P09, a compact, electronic pedal that delivers higher precision and better ergonomics. But sometimes even the best…

Foot pedals Industrial pedals

Pedal P11 approved by European Union Intellectual Property Office

Pedal P11 approved by European Union Intellectual Property Office We made an enormous breakthrough in pedal design with the floor mounted model P09. Now we have done it again, with a suspended version called P11. It’s the same kind of clean design with protected electronics that has become the signature mark of this innovative Swedish…