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Caldaro tackled the challenge of constructing an unbreakable joystick for one of the harshest environments on earth – namely, the mining industry.
The result was the C15. This joystick is the base within our Palm Grip segment. It can be used across an application spectrum, from the toughest working environments to exquisitely high precision fine-tuned medical equipment. The joystick can be fitted with numerous grips, functions and withstand the harshest conditions for your application as it is available with high protection class and customization to its fullest.

Our Palm grip joysticks are designed with particular emphasis on operator comfort and precision control. After decades of experience working with joysticks, our technical advisers are well placed to supply customers with the ideal solution for their individual needs and always with various CAN-bus options.

Here is what IVT magazine writes about the C15:

The unbreakable industrial joystick


From day one, Caldaro’s C15 industrial joystick has been a success. The Swedish developer and manufacturer of industrial joysticks Article industrial joystickand industrial pedals could not imagine their product’s sales or rave reviews. “It has been on the market for three years, and we get overwhelming reviews from our customers,” says Erik Kauppi, sales engineer at Caldaro. “Our customers are mainly from the heavy-duty industry, for example, mining and construction. But the C15 Joystick is also used in applications like cranes and forestry machines. The product has sold in its thousands.”

New feature
A new option on the C15 joystick is a safety presence system in the form of a capacitive sensor. The sensor brings the machine activated by the operator’s presence to an automatic stop when the operator lifts the hand from the joystick.
“The capacitive sensor reacts on various factors, such as humidity and pressure. Altogether, it activates the controller. This is, for example, used in large drill rigs where safety is critical,” says Kauppi.

The world’s most reliable industrial joystick (probably)
C15 is a diminutive joystick possessing the power to control multi-million-dollar machines. When
a joystick failure stops operations, nothing can be achieved until it’s replaced. If an unbreakable joystick was incorporated, operations would be safer, more efficient, and increase profitability.
“Our managing director Claudio Talamo initiated the challenge and had an idea about how to construct this new joystick,” says Kauppi. “We have been working together with customers from heavy industries with a focus on creating the world’s most reliable compact joystick.”

Unbendable and protected
A crucial part of this new industrial joystick is a shaft manufactured into one single piece and with magnified dimensions and tolerances. This makes it practically impossible to bend.
Another important factor is that the circuit board and electronics are potted in a protective compound. This protects the circuit board such that it becomes impervious to degradation and short circuits from threats such as salt mist, water, lubricants, and virtually all chemicals.
A third factor that makes the C15 a masterpiece of construction is the choice of materials. “Our ambition was to create the best industrial joystick, bar none,” says Kappi. “We neglected materials costs early on to enhance engineering creativity and thus incorporated the very best materials available.”
Caldaro uses a rubber mixture that endures the toughest conditions. Underground salts, minerals, and water create mixtures that can be dangerous for any machine. Above ground, sunlight brings UV light that dries and cracks many rubber compounds. A rubber blending that tolerates oil well is often sensitive to low temperatures and make rubber too hard.

Can anything break the C15?
“All the work from development through production is done within Sweden,” explains Kauppi. “Results from customers are extremely impressive. The actual breakpoint has been a very important part of the development. If the C15 breaks, it must break in a way that is still functional enough to bring the machine to a safe state. We call this feature ‘graceful dead’. We have repeatedly confirmed this ‘graceful dead’ in all mechanical evaluated fail modes, maintaining functionality well within the original specification. We have succeeded in this challenge and believe that we have now developed the most reliable joystick in the world. We’re proud of the C15.”

IVT Magazine

Author: Kristina Funck, Lovstrom Content