Industrial Joystick G1

G1 C15

Industrial Joystick Viper Slim


Industrial Joystick G4

G4 C15

Industrial Joystick G3

G3 C15

Industrial Joystick G7

G7 C15

Industrial Joystick G1 Oak

G1 OAK C15

Industrial Joystick G2

G2 C15

Industrial Joystick G6

G6 C15

Industrial Joystick A5 C12

A5 C12

Industrial Joystick A3 C06

A3 C06

Industrial Joystick A1 C06

A1 C06

Industrial Joystick A2 C06

A2 C06

Industrial Joysticks Palm Grip Type

Caldaro tackled the challenge of constructing an unbreakable joystick for one of the harshest environments on earth – namely the mining industry.
The result was the C15. This joystick is the base within our Palm Grip segment and can be used across an application spectrum from the toughest working environments to exquisitely high precision fine-tuned medical equipment. The joystick can be fitted with numerous grips, functions, and withstand the harshest conditions for your application as it is available with high protection class and customization to its fullest.

Our Palm grip joysticks are designed with particular emphasis on operator comfort and precision control. After decades of experience working with joysticks, our technical advisers are well placed to supply customers with the ideal solution for their individual needs and always with various CAN-bus options.