Position Sensors

Caldaro have been supplying sensors since early -80’s and this have been the stepping stone for our further product development of joysticks, pedals and handles. In the very beginning it was only potentiometers with wire wound or conductive plastic type in both rotating and linear versions. Now the contact less technology (hall effect and inductive) have evolved and is now used in many different sensor types, both rotating and linear.

The sensors are made in single and multi turn versions as well as linear motion. Within these groups you will find different technologies for sensors such as potentiometer, hall effect, inductive in combination with different housings, sizes and shapes suited for the different needs and applications.

Our program of sensors consists of more than 70 base models, each of them with numerous adaptation possibilities. The majority of our sensors has a modular design and offer a very cost effective way to meet special application requirements, not only when the quantity is several thousand but also for volumes of only 10pcs or so.

Our sensors are used in a great number of different applications such as Maritime, Material Handling, Forestry etc see the Applications section for more info. With these sensors we meet the different requirements for IP-sealing, vibrations and shock that have to be fulfilled in harsh environments.

Our sensors are well known for their high quality and precision in combination with outstanding tolerances of linearity. If you are searching for sensors in a safety critical application we can offer many ways to reach a high level of redundancy. The service life time of our sensors is for some models higher than 50 million operations.