The potentiometer is suitable for measuring angles in a number of applications.

The element in the single turn potentiometers can be either of wirewound or conductive plastic type. The wirewound type offers the best total resistance value and stability of the different types of potentiometers available. It is able to use with the rheostat method. Please note however that the resolution and frequency characteristics (usable to about 20 kHz) are rather limited.

The conductive plastic type offers great resolution and life expectancy and high speed tracking availability.  This type is however limited to the voltage divider method.

The single turn potentiometer can be specified with different total resistance values and tolerances as well as linearity, different output signals such as 10-90% and mechanical and electrical angles. Furthermore the shaft can be tailored to almost any shape desirable and rear extended shafts available on some models. Potentiometer sizes from 12-50 mm in diameter are available. IP rating up to IP 65 available on request for most of our potentiometer models.