Pressure and Temp sensors

Pressure and temp sensors

Caldaros pressure and temp sensors are very modular and come with the best quality. We have a wide range of building blocks to make a sensor e g different threads to connect to the pressure port, different sensor types thin film, ceramics etc, different integrated electronics to handle different power supplies and output signals and a wide range of different connectors for (Metri-Packard, MQS, DIN etc) The Temp sensors can have the same output as the Pressure sensors or with the NTC or PT 100 –signals. These sensors can be used in almost any type of media fluid or gas.

The pressure sensors are analogue and can have a measuring range from 0 – 2 000 bar. The power supply can vary from 5 VDC to 40VDC and the output signal can be either 0-5, 0,5-4,5, 0-10 V or with a current output of 4 – 20mA.

We can also make tailored versions that can be integrated direct into the transmission or hydraulic valve assembly. This is a way to cut total cost when it comes to time for assembly, quality issues related to physical damages on the sensor, wiring and connectors can be taken away if integrating direct to a PCB and of course reducing the space that is needed for a traditional type of sensor.

Some features that have been asked for lately, due to the new regulations of CE and Safety, are the dual output versions to create a “double check” in the control system. This together with some other neat specials such as combined pressure and temp sensing element in one sensor body, dual output signals with scaled sensing areas etc can also be done upon request.

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