The Company

Unique expertise
The company’s business concept has been and still is to offer products that control and sense human movement. Industrial companies that need a connection between man and machine have been the target.
Caldaro is perhaps most well known for its customer-adapted handles. Caldaro works with products that are produced by leading suppliers and adds adaptations to suit specific customer wishes. This is something that simplifies production at the customer’s place of business and adds to Caldaro’s unique expertise and experience.

From adaptation to tailor-made
Development of its own products has substantially increased, and Caldaro has a number of products in the works. One of the products, Viper, and ViperPlus, is a breakthrough. Viper was a success at the Bauma trade fair in 2004, and it is now in full production with more than 30 000 pcs supplied to machines all over the globe. In order to succeed with its own products, an internal product technology center has been established to allow salespersons and technicians the opportunity to meet in various development processes. This was a logical step since Caldaro has always collaborated closely with customers as a Partner Supplier. Surveys show that Caldaro is a top supplier to its major customers, and the company has been named OEM Supplier of the Year on several occasions. Naturally, the company is ISO certified for both 9001 and 14001.

Perseverance wins
Caldaro’s success depends on the know-how the company is able to contribute to its customers’ product development. However, this is also proof that the focus consistently maintained by the company – to stay one step ahead of the competition, which has at times cost a great deal of development time – has been a factor of success. Internally, this is formulated as “perseverance wins”.