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Maybe this is where it all started? The first self-propelled vehicle was built around 1769 by adapting a horse-drawn vehicle, with an ambition to replace the horse. This is considered to be the first Automobile, but in fact, it was more of a tractor. Self-propelled machinery has since revolutionised agriculture.

Agriculture – example of products

Examples of joysticks and pedals for agriculture machines

Caldaro has gained comprehensive knowledge about materials and device designs that can be relied upon for the most demanding agricultural applications. From the most diverse tractor operating all year round to the crucial combine harvester where everything simply must work during harvesting season, we provide and exceed the requested quality.

Examples of products that we supply to Agriculture Equipment manufacturers include joysticks with detent mechanisms of different kinds, pedals, various types of position sensors, pressure transducers and customised multifunctional grips.


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