agriculture joysticksMaybe this is where it all started? Around 1769 the first self-propelled vehicle was built by adapting a horse-drawn vehicle with an ambition to replace the horse. This is considered to be the first Automobile but in fact it was more of a tractor. Self propelled machinery has since revolutionized the world of agriculture.

To be able to operate these machines in all environments it is vital to choose materials and components that are tolerant towards temperature extremes, UV-radiation, water and dust ingress as well as contamination from fuels & chemicals. For example some rubber materials get hard and shrink at cold temperatures, potentially causing unintended activation of machines controls, or preventing operation of the same.

Caldaro has gained extensive knowledge about materials and device designs that can be relied upon for the most demanding agricultural applications. Examples of products that Caldaro supply to Agriculture Equipment manufacturers includes joysticks with detent mechanisms of different kinds, pedals, various kinds of position sensors, pressure transducers and customized multifunctional grips. You will find more info under Products section.