Material Handling

material handling joysticks

The material handling segment includes goods handling from the size of a Euro pallet up to 40-foot containers. This industry has been growing consistently over the years, along with the increased consumption of goods being shipped all over the globe.

Caldaro’s history in the Material handling segment goes back more than 25 years. We have been developing solutions for mast/hoist control, steering, handles, throttle and brake pedals, angular sensors and pressure sensors for the Material Handling segment. The main focuses in these applications are quality, ergonomics and design in combination with the price. The target is to make a machine that is user friendly and has a long service life.

Some of the products that we offer are: joysticks, multifunction handles, angular sensors for steering wheel angles, brake and throttle pedals, operator presence pedals, and pressure sensors for hydraulics, to mention just a few.

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