Medical Joysticks

The medical or health care industry treats patients who are ill, injured or disabled. Whenever you visit a hospital, dentist or any other medical centre today, you will likely be treated, examined or monitored by some type of medical apparatus. These devices are, in many cases, equipped with a touch screen or joystick user interface and may as well be equipped with various sensors (position, pressure etc.). Thanks to Caldaro’s reputation for quality and reliability, our products have found many applications in this sector over the years.

Here the demands on quality, safety and stability are extremely high. This is hardly surprising as any failure could have disastrous consequences.

Caldaro supplies several major medical device manufacturers in Scandinavia as well as mainland Europe. Typical applications are position sensors for x-ray machines, -ventilators and -dentist chairs. Other applications are miniature 3-axis joysticks or high spec touch panels to operate and control ventilators or anaesthesia machines. It means that in many cases, the applications are monitoring or supporting doctors and other medical groups in their daily work.

Some of the products we offer within this field are miniature joysticks, rotary and linear position sensors, pressure transducers, touch panels, as well as complete touch screens units.

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