forestry joysticksThis industry have been evolving in a very high pace, going from hydraulic and mechanic levers and pilot valves in the cabin to high tech solutions with electronic joysticks, and controls, on board PC and CAN-based control systems.

Caldaro’s history in the Forestry industry goes back more than 20 years in time. We have been developing solutions for crane control, terrain steering, throttle and brake pedals, levelling, inching etc towards the Forestry segment. The main focuses in these applications are quality, ergonomics and design to create a machine that can run 24-7 without any interruptions due to poor quality or the drivers suffering from repeated strain injuries.

Example of products that we can offer for this industry are, joysticks for crane control, angular sensors for measuring diameter of the tree, throttle pedal and pressure sensors for hydraulics to mention a few. Browse the Products folder for ideas.