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Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type

Design and ergonomics are becoming increasingly important when designing handles for applications. Caldaro products provide your machinery with the competitive edge it deserves. Caldaro’s expertise in industrial joysticks dates back to the early eighties. Our program of industrial joysticks consists of various amount of base models, each of them with numerous adaptation possibilities.

Caldaro C16 industrial joystick fingertip type

Our fingertip joysticks are designed for smooth operator control with high precision. These mini joysticks are often used in precision machines, forklifts and remote controls but can also be found in agricultural applications. We can offer a wide range of joysticks with up to 3 analog axes and contactless redundant sensors. Switches and detents are available as options, as well as other features. With a protection class up to IP67, our fingertip joysticks are suitable for most applications and environments.

Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type


This single-axis mini joystick C16 results from 20 years of experience in the toughest usage conditions. The heart of the joystick, the electronics, is completely sealed. The unique rubber gaiter protects the joystick and is tightly sealed to the panel, which makes it even more durable.

Options for the Joystick C16


Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type


The C02 is a narrow dimension multi-axis Joystick with proportional output functions on all axis. The fingertip joystick suits various types of medical and industrial applications. Modular design with customisable options. 

Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type


The C03A is a narrow dimension 3-axis fingertip joystick with proportional redundant output on all axis. This fingertip joystick suits various types of medical and industrial applications.

Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type


The C03B is very small-sized joystick controller with long life-expectancy, high reliability, and robustness. Can be assembled from both above and under the panel. With incorporated button, this could be the perfect “menu” selector for your machine or be used in various types of medical and industrial applications.

Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type


The C04A is a fingertip controlled 1-axis joystick with many possibilities to suit various industrial, maritime and vehicle applications. This joystick comes with a potentiometer or Hall effect sensor for proportional output or a special code switch if the ON/OFF function is needed.

Options for the Joystick C04A

Industrial Joysticks Fingertip Type


The S04 is a fingertip joystick for small spaces and can be integrated into panels as well as into joysticks for 3rd axis proportional control.


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