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We serve many different customers in a number of demanding applications. We have learned to design each product according to the customer’s wishes from these applications and environments and based on our extensive know-how.

We also have learned a lot regarding design for improved ergonomics, user-friendliness, and maximising the operator’s output by making the handle as proficient and comfortable as possible.


Agriculture machines are used in all kinds of environments; temperature extremes, UV radiation, water and dust ingress, and contamination from fuels and chemicals. Caldaro has gained comprehensive knowledge about materials and device designs that can be relied upon for the most demanding agricultural applications.

Agriculture – example of products


Applications in the construction equipment sector range from small remotely operated demolition robots to 200-ton site excavators. These heavy-duty working machines require very robust products with user-friendly design to prevent operator strain. Construction machines typically see very intensive usage, often in a demanding environment.

Construction – example of products


Precision and safety of the controls are essential in crane applications, whether the payload is a 20-foot shipping container or a firefighter in a mobile basket 100 feet above the ground. Working conditions are often rough with the presence of fine dust, saltwater as well as exposure to sunshine and ozone.

Cranes – example of products


Caldaro’s history in the Forestry industry goes back more than 20 years. We have been developing solutions for: crane control, terrain steering, throttle and brake control, levelling, inching, etc. These applications’ main focus areas are quality, ergonomics, and design to create a machine that can run 24/7 with no interruptions.

Forrest – example of products


This field has been evolving rapidly, with ever-increasing demands from end customers, such as high volume manufacturers in the automotive or electronics industry. Sensing movements is Caldaro´s backbone. Your production or machines can rely on precise and long-lasting sensing techniques to keep the flow according to your demands.

Industry – example of products

Maritime and Offshore

The maritime and offshore markets require reliable, high-precision, and cost-effective components, which put Caldaro early on in a leading position as a designer and manufacturer of customised joysticks, thrusters, and angular and linear sensor solutions for maritime and offshore applications

Marine and Offshore – example of products

Material handling

Caldaro’s history in the Material handling segment goes back more than 25 years. We have been developing solutions for mast/hoist control, steering, handles, throttle and brake pedals, angular sensors and pressure sensors for the Material Handling segment. The main focuses in are quality, ergonomics, and design.

Material handling reach stacker


The medical or health care industry treats ill, injured, or disabled patients. Quality and durability are vital for medical applications. With sensing techniques in the field of life support machines, there is simply no room for errors. Caldaro supplies several major medical device manufacturers in Scandinavia as well as mainland Europe.

Medical – example of products


The development of mining machines has gone far in the ”electrification” of the cabins. Today, most mining machines are fitted with electrical joysticks and controls and often with a CAN-based control system. The environmental challenges are extremely high for mining applications.

Mining – example of products

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