The development of mining machines has gone far in the ”electrification” of the cabins. Today, most mining machines are fitted with electrical joysticks and controls and often with a CAN-based control system.

The environmental challenges are extremely high for heavy-duty mining applications. Machines are often used 24 hours per day in extremely harsh environments, exposed to dirt, water, oils, aggressive chemicals and rough handling by the operators. Our products have been certified to be used in explosive environments for some applications.

We also developed our superior F-N-R switch for a mining application. The need for extreme life expectancy in combination with high IP levels made it impossible to find a suitable product on the existing market.

Mining – example of products

Products for the harshest environments

The most demanding areas on earth are found deep below the surface. Mining is one of our most challenging areas, and we have learned a lot about how to create a product that meets the high requirements by using the most suitable materials, designs, and components.

Caldaro can, for example, deliver extremely robust joysticks with multifunctional grips, pedals and sensors of various kinds, many configured specifically to your particular need.

The mining segment is very innovative and works at the forefront of machine evolution. Funny enough, “groundbreaking” developments. By working closely with the major manufacturers in the mining segment, Caldaro´s products have been very successful. You can find everything from the smallest sensor of the drill rig, the most precise foot pedal for the boomer, to the heavy-duty joystick for loader machines.


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