Industrial Joysticks

Caldaro’s expertise in industrial joysticks dates back to the early eighties. Our program of industrial joysticks consists of various amount of base models, each of them with numerous adaptation possibilities.


Our full grip sized industrial joysticks are designed to suit the most demanding heavy duty applications in terms of mechanical strength and environmental requirements. Designed with the operator in focus, our full grip industrial joysticks are ergonomic and user friendly, built for operating every awake hour.

Viper Standard grip option for Caldaro industrial joystick C14

Our Palm grip joysticks are designed with particular emphasis on operator comfort and precision control. After decades of experience working with joysticks, our technical advisers are well placed to supply customers with the ideal solution for their individual needs and always with various CANbus options.

Lion grip option for Caldaro industrial joystick C15

Our fingertip joysticks are designed for smooth operator control with high precision. These Mini joysticks are often used in precision machines, forklifts and remote controls but can also be found in agricultural applications. We can offer a wide range of joysticks with up to 3 analog axes and contactless redundant sensors.

Caldaro C16 industrial joystick fingertip type

Please contact us and let us help you to get the perfect product for your application.