The link between man and machine

We are the leading OEM supplier of customer-adapted control components to major industrial customers. Let us help you to get the perfect product for your application.

Sustainability is a growing necessity in the business world because it is the only reasonable road forward. Every link in the supply chain needs to have actively implemented sustainability processes, or they find themselves being left behind.

A pedal is used constantly in a forest machine, but it lives a rather anonymous life. You expect it to work, but do you expect to love a pedal? Well, the P11 pedal excels and has become a favourite among forest machine operators.

Hidden inside machines and vehicles, sensors of all kinds do their important jobs without being much noticed by the operator. They have no pretty design to show off; they are simply about function, precision, and durability: tiny parts that make a huge difference.

At our factory for marine controls in Flen, the quality manager Stefan Hansson says that the staff are like clockmakers, technicians and developers, rather than operative employees. The feeling in the products has to be perfect.

Our job is to listen to our customers and come up with new and better designs. We combine knowledge from working with many kinds of vehicles in various environments, connecting the dots between, for example, the agriculture, forestry, and mining industry.


Please contact us and let us help you to get the perfect product for your application.