crane joysticksCaldaro ensures precision handling for cranes all over the world.

Precision and safety of the controls are essential in crane applications, whether the payload is a 20-foot shipping container or a fire fighter in a mobile basket 30m above ground. Working conditions are often rough with presence of fine dust, salt water as well as exposure to sunshine and ozone.

Thanks to Caldaro’s relentless focus on product quality, operator feel and environmental compatibility, Caldaro offers a wide range of Joysticks and other products that have proven themselves in thousands of crane applications.

Joysticks and sensors from Caldaro can be found in everything from loader cranes to the largest ship to shore cranes. Redundant sensor outputs are typically employed in primary control functions and field-bus interfaces are also becoming a common requirement for many applications in this field. The main drivers for this is mainly safety and reliability, but also to reduce massive costs of high spec cabling, often over long distances.

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