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Longterm cooperation generates new products

Technion's LtCrane box with two Caldaro C15 joysticks

The electronic control systems developed by the Finnish company Technion for forestry cranes are very capable, but also complicated, with many options. Now, they have launched a simplified system called LtCrane. For many years, Caldaro has been their partner for delivering customised joysticks tuned to Technion’s specific needs.

Technion’s xCrane system is state-of-the-art and highly customisable, with multiple options available, but it’s a premium system for big forestry machines. The new LtCrane system is a stripped-down version with fewer options – a cost-effective, standardised kit that’s easy to install and use.

”It’s mainly developed for agricultural tractors and timber trailers with a crane,” says Jasper Lastunen, project manager at Technion Oy. ”It’s easy to attach the timber trailer and install the electronic control system in the tractor cab.”

Technion trailer control with the LtCrane system using the C15 joystick from Caldaro

The LtCrane system from Technion is used in forestry tractors with timber trailers.

LtCrane is operated with just the joysticks and a potentiometer, and does not need a touch screen. The operator rotates the seat when they want to use the crane. Since tractor cabs have little space, the joysticks mounted in the armrests must be small yet robust, like Caldaro’s C15 joysticks.

Technion and Caldaro have worked together since 2017. They share the idea of listening to customers’ needs and delivering customised products. An essential part of these components is the joysticks from Caldaro.

”The reason why we use Caldaro’s joysticks is because they are flexible and help us to customise the joysticks we and our customers need,” Jasper explains.

Patrik Widstrand, Sales Engineer at Caldaro, adds:
”Because we have worked together for many years, we can reuse knowledge and experience when new products are developed. We constantly endeavour to have an ongoing and growing relationship with the customer, which continues to generate new projects and products. That’s a sustainable way to maintain customer relationships.”


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