Showing multi-function joysticks at Elmia Wood

Patrik at Caldaro's tent

We enjoyed attending the Elmia Wood trade show June 4–6. There were many visitors, and we got most of our requests from visitors from abroad. It’s nice to experience the great European interest in this Swedish forest trade fair. During three days there were 26.000 visitors. The pandemic caused some uncertainties about whether this expo […]

Electric vehicles need modern joysticks

Digital computer screen with code

Incorporating a joystick specifically developed to match the ongoing electrification of industrial vehicles brings many tangible benefits. You will get higher precision, better safety, more economic integration, and use much less energy. The technical progress of electrification advances both working conditions and overall efficiency. The off-high-way industry is transforming, and the advantages are huge. While […]

The sustainable life of a joystick

The stairways at Caldaro

Caldaro has signed up for the UN Global Compact, intending to be a sustainable company and a responsible employer. What does this mean for the production of a joystick? Let’s see. A customer needs a joystick with a new, special design. A salesperson visits the customer driving a plug-in hybrid electric car. The travel route […]

Stuffed with functions

A multifunctional palm grip joystick

What can be more convenient and ergonomic than having all the functions you need at your fingertips? With the multifunctional palm grip joystick, the operator can sit comfortably in the operator’s seat, rest their hands on the arm supports, hold one joystick in each hand, and cut down trees or perform high precision lifts. This […]

Double the number of functions with a button

The C15 joystick with a LED button

Thanks to the integrated CAN interface card and a small button at the top of the compact C15, you can now get many more functions in this little beauty of a joystick. Just push the button, and you change from one application system to another. Imagine the possibilities!  Are you thinking about adding one more […]

Joystick size matters


Caldaro incorporated CAN functionality in the existing 37 mm circuit board for the C15 joystick.


Unbreakable joystick C15

Meeting the challenge of developing the world’s most robust compact joystick.