The medium-sized Viper with big functionality

Grip option Viper Medium för C14 Industrial joystick

Big machines need big joysticks. Or do they really? The trend is that many machine manufacturers are choosing smaller joysticks for ergonomic and practical reasons. The Viper Medium will give you many of the larger joysticks’ advantages in a more compact design and at a nicer price.

Caldaro launched the first version of its Viper handle in 2003. Today it has become prevalent and is used in hundreds of thousands of machines worldwide. Altogether, the combination of the ergonomic, multifunctional Viper and the powerful joystick C14 makes a great solution that fits very well into modern machines.

Today they offer Viper in five sizes, and the Viper Medium is one of the popular choices since smaller joysticks are more comfortable for the operator. The Viper Medium may be a compact version, but there’s still plenty of room for buttons and functions.

The Swedish approach to ergonomics

Sweden is known for its tradition of caring for good working conditions.

”Many big machine producers look at, for example, the Swedish forest machines with small yet very functional joysticks,” says Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro. ”Big joysticks might look powerful, but nowadays, we know that a smaller joystick can do the job with less physical stress on the operator.”

”The Viper Medium grip is optimally ergonomic in several positions,” continues Claudio. ”It excels with the possibility to reach all functions while resting your hand on the carpus support: that’s not possible with a large handle.”

Experts in customisation

After almost 30 years of customising HMI solutions, the team at Caldaro has built up a great knowledge base from all kinds of technical challenges they have solved.

One such development project was together with Shantui Construction Machinery Co in China. They were looking for a high-quality joystick but also needed a particular lock function. Caldaro added a robust locking detent as an add-on to the existing joystick base. Finding the right balance between ease of operation and hold position was challenging, and it was also essential that the solution would last over time.

”Our customers rely on our products and the safety-critical functions. Quality is in our DNA, and we are always looking for our next technical assignment to keep developing our competence,” Claudio concludes.

“This know-how is an asset we offer our customers for free,” says Claudio. He continues: ”By sharing our competence, we can help our customers create better machines and better work environments for the operators. This is our mission.”

Caption: Han Youfa is Caldaro’s sales representative in China. Here standing by a mining loader, holding a Viper medium joystick.

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