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Sustainability: Kungsholmen Stockholm Sweden

Sustainability is a growing necessity in the business world because it is the only reasonable road forward. For many, this used to be something that was easy to just talk about. Today, however, every link in the supply chain needs to have actively implemented sustainability processes, or they find themselves being left behind.

”We have intensified our efforts for sustainability because we see that it is an incredibly important parameter for future business growth,” says Lena Ekbom, Head of Sustainability at Addtech. ”Sustainability is important for us, our customers, our investors, and other stakeholders.”

Addtech is a publicly listed Swedish technical solutions group. The business comprises about 140 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers, primarily in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, in around 20 countries. Caldaro is one of these companies.

”Our organisation is decentralised, and each company has full responsibility to run their business, including to find their own way within sustainability. Still, we provide support and have set some common goals to be reached no later than 2030. We want all sales to contribute to sustainable development, reduce CO2 intensity, increase gender equality, and ensure that every supplier has signed up to our Supplier Code of Conduct and been evaluated within.”

Lena has worked with sustainability in the industry for almost 20 years and started at Addtech two years ago. Ten years ago, sustainability was more talk than action. Today everyone wants to see fundamental changes that yield observable results.

”Our employees expect us to work for sustainability; our customers demand it,” explains Lena.

Lena Ekbom, Head of Sustainability at Addtech

Lena Ekbom, Head of Sustainability at Addtech

We need to work together

Since the largest customers have chosen to work with the Ecovadis platform, they now demand that their suppliers also sign up on Ecovadis. Lena believes it’s one of the best platforms for rating companies’ sustainability. Caldaro just got its first Ecovadis rating!

”You must prove everything you claim by uploading documents, such as policies and certificates,” she continues.

Lena is confident that Addtech and its included companies will reach their goals, but she thinks the most significant challenge is half CO2 intensity within ten years.

”We can’t lower our CO2 on our own. We have to work together in the value chain to achieve this,” she emphasises. ”Today, most customers expect their products to be manufactured and delivered just in time, which means fast production and transportation. We need to find more sustainable business models where the value chain is optimised, adding the sustainable development perspective as well.”

Ecovadis Platinum medal

Caldaro’s Ecovadis Sustainability Rating 2022

Caldaro facts

  • Caldaro has customers in more than 40 countries.
  • Our customers are loyal: in 2022, we are still keeping an active relationship with all the customers we had in 2012.
  • We manufacture all of our self-developed products in Sweden.
  • Our head office is in the centre of Stockholm, on the beautiful island of Kungsholmen.

Kungsholmen Stockholm Sweden

Kungsholmen Stockholm Sweden

Sustainability goals

Caldaro is part of the Addtech group, and together, they work to become more sustainable. This is Addtech’s four vision goals and how Caldaro is doing.

Caldaro and Addtech's Sustainability goals


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