Showing multi-function joysticks at Elmia Wood

Patrik at Caldaro's tent

We enjoyed attending the Elmia Wood trade show June 4–6. There were many visitors, and we got most of our requests from visitors from abroad. It’s nice to experience the great European interest in this Swedish forest trade fair. During three days there were 26.000 visitors.

The pandemic caused some uncertainties about whether this expo would be cancelled or not, but to our great joy, they decided to run the trade fair as usual. Sadly, some of the biggest forest machines companies couldn’t attend with such short notice. Instead, other companies got more attention and sparked curiosity among the visitors.

You could, for example, meet Malwa Forest and their world’s first 100% electric combi-machine as well as Terri and their handy forest machines specially adapted for use on sensitive lands. You could also see Vimek with their lightweight harvesters. We are proud to deliver our pedal P11 for all Vimek’s new machines and the P09 for Terri’s machines.

It’s interesting to see how the trend towards more sustainable forestry is creating a growing demand for smaller forest machines. They can work more carefully without damaging the soil and save more of the surrounding trees.

Our controls were seen in many machines

We were happy to see our products in many forest machines at the fair, for example:

  • Viper Slim in Ufkes Greentec machine
  • The pedal P09 in Alstor machines
  • Our forestry joystick in Kinetic machines
  • The pedal P09 for Albach machines

Hopefully, we will see our controls in many more machines at the next Elmia fair.

Elmia Wood is a combination of professional business and family happening. Our visitors looked at and discussed the superior technicality of our wall-mounted pedal P11 and felt the ergonomic grip of our multi-function G-grips series for the joysticks C14 and C15.

There were even some extra young visitors who showed great interest in our products. Will they operate forest machines or design the machines in the future? Who knows?

We look forward to the next forest trade fair in September, Finnmetko.


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