An optical sensor bearing beats laser

Fork truck

To manoeuvre a forklift truck is about height precision, relying on your vehicle, and good ergonomics. Laser sensor bearing might give you some of that, but Caldaro’s optical sensor bearing S09 comes with more benefits and a lower price.

Optical sensor bearings S09

After many years of producing an exclusive sensor bearing, Caldaro has created a better-fitted sensor bearing for general forklifts. One crucial part is the special compound invented to eliminate ESD-related problems.

”It’s well known that epoxy-coated floors and other modern materials have increased the working environments’ electrostatic problems,” explains Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro.

”On top of that, our sensor bearing is temperature resistant, keeps on functioning also in dirty environments, and keeps the precision even if the forklift rocks a bit”, Claudio continues.

When the forklift truck is programmed for the shelves’ exact heights in a storehouse, it will also adjust the lifting speed to make it safer.

”Our optical sensor bearing S09 is a patented product. While developed for forklift trucks, it’s equally suitable for other types of machines with long linear movements,” says Claudio.” We are happy to provide such a robust, high-quality sensor bearing with a nice price”.


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