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Suitable controls for the workboats at Seawork

Caldaro's booth at Seawork Marina Civils 2022

The Seawork Marine Civils of 2022, June 21st to 23rd, started at a slow pace due to a train strike that made it difficult for people to go there and the extremely hot weather. But from the second day, many people came to visit Caldaro’s tent, and Patrik Widstrand was happy to engage in many interesting discussions about our control levers.

Our visitors gave many spontaneous comments about the feel of our levers. Virtually everyone commented that they are responsive and have excellent smooth friction.

Marine Jet Power, one of our satisfied customers, also exhibited at the fair and visited us in the tent. Our co-work continues.

This time we went to the exhibition together with Sittab, who makes ergonomic chairs with armrests with ends suitable for mounting Caldaro’s joysticks.

Smaller boats that go fast also bounce around quite a bit. For them, it’s more important to have the controls attached to the seat. A visiting designer said that within a few years, there would probably be standard requirements for the controls to be fixed to the chair for ergonomic and safety reasons.

We look forward to delivering our premium quality levers to be mounted on the armrests. Our controls have just the right size for it.


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