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Challenge our design skills

Design Concept

Our job is to listen to our customers and come up with new and better designs. We combine knowledge from working with many kinds of vehicles in various environments, connecting the dots between, for example, the agriculture, forestry, and mining industry. When we got an assignment to create a control unit for a military vehicle, we curiously entered a new world of complex conditions. We think the sketches show a good example of our design process. We came up with three design ideas.

Concept 1: Frame

The first concept was an attempt to point a direction for the design. It’s quite rough, and the parts look like they have just been attached to each other. This is what you often get at the first step. All the functions are there, but the parts have not yet been adapted to each other. Here, competing ideas can be compared and evaluated on a functional level, before a great deal of effort in refinement has been invested.

Design concept 1

Concept 2: Unity

In the second concept, we united the parts and added a protecting cap, which is necessary to protect the buttons in the cramped space inside a tank. Now the handles are locked in place, and the carpus support has a smoother shape.

Design concept 2

Concept 3: Stealth

The third concept is a more mature version. Now all the parts fit tightly together, and they have almost melted into one unity. It looks efficient, robust and powerful. The design is premium high-tech, like a glance of the future. The ergonomics, including the carpus support, is now even better.

Design concept 3

Premium design is a process

If you only see Concept 3, you might think of it as the natural solution to the design challenge, but there has been a long, creative process to get there. We at Caldaro are experts in that process. We won’t just put random pieces together; we think about functionality and figure out if there is a way to do it better. We continue to work with the design until we get a prototype that reaches our high-quality standards. When a design is at its best, it enhances the function, makes the product both robust and ergonomic, and has an aesthetic shape.

This time the creative challenge was for a military tank, but we have done this for many other vehicles and control boards.

“We develop customer unique design solutions,” explains Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro. “We don’t make profit during the development process. It’s first when the process results in a functional, ergonomic product that we make a profit.”

That’s why Caldaro has to be extremely good at listening to customers’ needs and transforming them into high-quality, premium products.

“We don’t just come up with suggestions. We genuinely care that the products function well in the machines, endure the harsh environments, are robust, keep their precision, and so on,” continues Claudio. ”That’s why we work very closely with the customer and get their feedback at every step in the process. That’s how, and I’m proud to say it, we create some of the best joysticks and pedals on the market.”


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