Industrial Pedal Foot

When the customers have new needs, the engineers of Caldaro start developing.

The P09 pedal was already a success. Manufacturers of heavy machines all over the world have already fallen in love with the well designed smooth pedal. P09, a compact, electronic pedal that delivers higher precision and better ergonomics.

But sometimes even the best quality doesn’t quarantee an instant fit. At those times, additional effort are required to meet the needs of the client and to create a product suitable for their use.

Finnish company Vilakone Oy has a multifunctional machine named Wille, which is popular for environmental and property maintenance tasks, especially in the Nordic countries.

Vilakone was seeking to replace their current pedal with a more robust and long lasting version, but there wasn’t plenty of options suitable for their needs. Also P09 from Caldaro was only available as 30 degree version at that time.

“We thought we would need to change the floor construction of the cabin to get the pedal ergonomics right. But the people from Caldaro quickly responded to us with a 45-degree version of the pedal that was a perfect fit for our use” says Antti Lindström, industrial designer at Vilakone.

Also the signals, connector, and the wiring of the pedal were customized by Caldaro to meet the specification of Vilakone, including the strict requirements of the engine manufacturer.

P09 45° a compact, electronic pedal that delivers higher precision and better ergonomics.

“The development process with Caldaro was a quick and a pleasant one, which included a functional 3D-printed prototype for verifying the design. Now the pedal is ready for production, and soon it will be used in all Wille models.” explains Mr. Lindström.

At Caldaro they are happy to help customers upgrading to safer and more efficient products.

“We always try to meet the needs. Now I can have an extra smile on my face when I see a Wille machine doing the snow clearance here in Stockholm,” says Erik Kauppi, sales engineer at Caldaro.