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Conquering crises

Cyber security

In October 2019, Caldaro’s parent company, Addtech, was the target of a massive cyberattack. Four months later, the corona pandemic descended on the world. Now, at last, they see the end of these disruptive events; there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Caldaro is one of 130 subsidiary companies in the Addtech group. When their IT system came under cyber attack in October 2019, 80 of these 130 companies were affected, which means 1700 of the 2900 employees in the corporate group couldn’t use their computers. They were thrown into a crisis and quickly had to learn how to handle everything by phone, pen, and paper.

”All the emails were gone, all the documents…” says Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro. ”Thanks to very kind, patient and understanding customers, we managed to keep the business going.” He continues:

”When 2020 begun, we thought the worst was over. Then came the pandemic. In March 2020, we were in Las Vegas for the ConExpo when U.S. President Trump suddenly decided to stop all flights from Europe. We got up early in the morning of March 15th, packed our bags, and took a cab to the airport with the mission to get home to Stockholm. The flights were almost full, and our Plan B was to go to Mexico, but we made it! The next day we arrived safely at Arlanda airport in Sweden. Little did we know that the pandemic would still affect the world a year and a half later.”

”I am so proud to see how our staff has tackled these two crises,” Claudio says with emphasis. ”They have worked like unstoppable ants; when one anthill was demolished, they started to build a new one. The ability to save the situation and spare the customers seems to be their natural talent.”

”It was in everyone’s interest to solve the problems. Everyone has been very kind and cooperative; in fact, the crises has strengthened the team at Caldaro as well as customer relations.”

The corona pandemic spread over the world

From a slowdown market to an all-time high!

To start with, Caldaro saw their backlog of orders decrease during 2020, but in September, it turned around and they were quickly back in business. It didn’t take long until they reached an all-time high, and in 2021 they had to deal with other types of challenges, such as difficulties in finding available raw materials and how to speed up production. It seems like all of the manufacturers of large machines woke up at the same time.

”Of course, during half a year, we had to adapt our operation level to the general slowdown that swept over the world because of the pandemic. Our employees worked only half time, and we didn’t manufacture as many products as usual,” explains Claudio, ”but we never stopped production. We wanted to keep it going to keep the staff, and when we got more orders, we were able to deliver quickly. However, soon we had more orders than products…”

What has Caldaro learned from these challenges?

They are now better prepared for both cyber attacks and pandemics. The IT security level is higher than before.

From an environmental perspective, they have learned how to run effective digital meetings, which means less travelling, and also stopped transporting products by air when it’s possible – today, many orders are sent by train instead. This is part of their assignment in the UN Global Compact.

”When I look back, it’s clear that these challenges have worked as both a stress test and a demanding tutor, but I am glad for the knowledge we have gained through the harsh experience,” Claudio points out. ”We are now stronger, more effective, and better fit to face whatever happens tomorrow.”


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