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Our business is growing

Claudio Talamo, CEO Caldaro

A year ago, I wondered what would happen with our business when the pandemic held its tight grip over the world and so many factories had closed down. We couldn’t travel like we used to, and couldn’t visit our customers.

Today the outlook is much brighter. Our products are in high demand, and we have to expand our production. We have hired and still need more staff.

I am glad to say that never before in the history of Caldaro have we delivered so many prototypes! We are now waiting for the customers to give their feedback and hopefully place orders. We have also won many work-intensive development projects.

I think that our team at Caldaro has become both stronger and wiser while dealing with first the cyber attack in 2019 and then the pandemic in 2020; you can read an article about that in this Gazette.

It has changed our behaviour as well as the market’s; we have become more efficient and sustainable by, for example: having digital meetings instead of travelling, delivering our products by train instead of by airplane, and we have improved IT security.

Since 2019 we have been part of the UN Global Compact. The events of 2021 have placed climate change at the top of the world’s agenda. It’s important for us at Caldaro to work hard to get better at sustainability. After all, being a sustainable company means that you work smart to keep going for many years to come!

I hope you will enjoy this issue of the Gazette and maybe we will meet soon at the upcoming expos?

/Claudio Talamo, CEO


Read the printed edition of the Gazette #61:


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