Double the number of functions with a button

The C15 joystick with a LED button

Thanks to the integrated CAN interface card and a small button at the top of the compact C15, you can now get many more functions in this little beauty of a joystick. Just push the button, and you change from one application system to another. Imagine the possibilities! 

Are you thinking about adding one more joystick to your machine to be able to use another application system?

With a CAN-J1939 controller and matching joystick interface, you don’t need to add a complete new joystick; just add a latching LED button available in blue or red, making it easier to see in dark surroundings.

At Palms in Estonia, they manufacture forest trailers and cranes, designed for use with agricultural tractors.

”They have LED buttons on both the right and left joystick,” explains Fredrik Lundin, Sales Engineer at Caldaro. ”The LED button on the left joystick activates working lights. The LED button on the right joystick changes the functionality on both joysticks.”

This means that when the LED button on the right joystick is not activated, the right joystick controls the rotator movements, and the left joystick controls the movements of the crane’s boom. When the LED button on the right joystick is activated, the right joystick controls the movement of the right support leg, and the left joystick controls the movements of the left support leg.

”In short, by using LED buttons, we double the number of control options,” says Fredrik.

The mini-joystick became the modern C15 with CAN and an LED button

As a result of increased focus on the working environment within the forest and the need for ergonomic solutions, Caldaro made the original palm grip joystick called the mini-joystick back in 1992. In 2001 they launched joysticks with contactless Hall-effect sensors to improve durability. In 2016 they presented the new robust joystick base C15, and two years later, they added an integrated CAN card. The latching button with the LED light became an option in 2020.

”It shows that small details can solve big problems and that we at Caldaro always strive to create better solutions – time will tell what the future has for the mini-joystick,” Fredrik concludes. ”That’s why I find it exciting to work here.”


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