Outstanding pedals

A mining machine

It started with the amazing floor-mounted P09 and its slim, modern design, followed by the P11, which is a wall-mounted version. These two mark the beginning of a totally new line of design for industrial-grade pedals. Components on a machine cabin floor used to be ignored, including brake and throttle pedals. Not much happened during […]

Pedal P11 approved

P11 Industrial pedal

Pedal P11 was approved by European Union Intellectual Property Office We made an enormous breakthrough in pedal design with the floor-mounted model P09. Now we have done it again, with a suspended version called P11. It’s the same kind of clean design with protected electronics that have become the signature mark of this innovative Swedish […]

The new smart suspended pedal

P11 Industrial pedal

The pedal P11 is a modern suspended pedal with a clean design that withstands the toughest conditions. Since Caldaro launched the P09 three years ago, pedal design can never go back to what it was before. Soon customers got in touch, asking them to create a wall-mounted version of P09. We started out trying to […]