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The new smart suspended pedal

P11 Industrial pedal

The pedal P11 is a modern suspended pedal with a clean design that withstands the toughest conditions. Since Caldaro launched the P09 three years ago, pedal design can never go back to what it was before. Soon customers got in touch, asking them to create a wall-mounted version of P09.

We started out trying to do just that”, says Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro, ”but we quickly realised that this pedal needed a new design.”

They found a way to create a suspended pedal with a totally new look but keeping the smart features from the P09, such as a minimal number of components and protected electronics in a compact design. The result is the P11, a modern pedal made of aluminium that withstands the toughest conditions.

By now, thousands of P09 pedals have been tested in all kinds of challenging environments, so to use the smart construction concept once more in the P11 is done with high confidence.

“The solution is so unique that we have applied for Intellectual Property Protection”, says Claudio proudly. ”We care intensely about design, and it matters that all our products are well-thought-out. It also makes it easier for machine designers to implement our pedal into their designs. Design and function are one.”


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