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We join UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact

Caldaro is one of the first joystick manufacturers to sign the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest and most widely embraced voluntary corporate sustainability initiative.

– It’s up to all of us to contribute, says Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro.

– Now, will the efforts we are already putting into these questions get a different substance. The collaboration also supports our continued commitment, says Claudio Talamo, CEO of Caldaro.

In total, 10,000 companies and 4,000 organizations in 162 countries have signed the ten principles of the initiative regarding respect for human rights, labour conditions, environment and anti-corruption.

– For us, it is natural to participate because almost everything we do, from manufacturing our products to transportation, concerns sustainability issues. It is also stimulating to become part of a global movement, where most of our international customers are also involved. Together we form a strong force for the future, says Claudio Talamo.

Carbon footprint and lead-free soldering

UN’s sustainability work covers both economic, social and environmental goals. One of the targets is formulated in Agenda 2030, signed by all UN member states, where it’s statutes that 169 global goals must be achieved by 2030; these goals also form part of Caldaro’s contribution.

– Sustainability issues concerning the whole world can seem big and difficult, but it’s up to all of us to contribute. One simple example is that we work to reduce our carbon footprint, measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide per customer visit.

Another example is that Caldaro recently decided to change the supplier of a component to their marine controls.

– There is an exception for the use of lead in soldering in the RoHS directive for marine products, something we believe is completely unjustified. Our new supplier guarantees lead-free soldering, says CEO Claudio Talamo.

Sustainability in business processes and management systems

Caldaro works under the REACH Regulation. They are committed to ensuring the ethical origin of minerals used in their products, in accordance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Headquarters located in a certified GreenBuilding in Stockholm is another example of Caldaro’s work on global goals at a local level. Gender distribution in the company is half women and half men. In addition, the company has moved large parts of the production to Sweden. This creates Swedish jobs while the Nordic customers are offered locally produced products with less climate impact.

– We are grateful for the certifications and the goal formulations in the UN Global Compact. They help us integrate sustainability work into business processes and management systems, as well as deliver products that meet our customers’ requirements and expectations while at the same time creating a better world, says Claudio Talamo.



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